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Dyslexia and Reading Tutor For Your Elementary School Student

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Private tutors based in the Denver, Colorado area can administer the Barton Program. They specialize in tutoring elementary school students who may be struggling with learning through traditional teaching methods. Great Dyslexia tutors utilize the Barton program for teaching reading and helping students overcome Dyslexia. The Barton reading and spelling system is Orton-Gillingham influenced. It is multisensory, structured and systematic using an explicit phonics approach that engages students and produces results.

"The goal is to create independent readers and enthusiastic lifelong learners."

Overcoming Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia Through The Barton Method

Phonological awareness, understanding that spoken words are made up of smaller sounds, is crucial to decoding and is fundamental to being a fluent reader. Dyslexic students who struggle to read often cannot decipher the sounds needed to read because the necessary brain neurons are not there to do so.  The good news is brain imaging has shown that with systematic, explicit and intensive instruction the “hard wiring” needed to be a skilled reader can be developed in the brain!  The Barton Method offers the scope, sequence and tutoring format to develop those brain neurons.


Tutor Services

Tutors provide professional one on one tutoring usually in their home. They will probably have a room dedicated to tutoring students, meaning tutoring sessions will be distraction free. If they have experience as a classroom teacher it enables them to maintain a fun and structured learning environment.

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Dyslexia Symptoms

The classic symptom of Dyslexia is reading and writing letters in the wrong order. While this is the case with some sufferers, Dyslexia symptoms typically involve other problems with acquiring and using language.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Dyslexia, the Barton Method or tutoring services, please see the FAQ page.

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